Monday, August 30, 2010

The VJS Walk "I Walk For You"

    My mother's name is Velva Jean Smith. Most of you don't know her and probably never will. But I guarantee you, you will remember her name. You see, "Our Family" Relay for Life Team 2011 has formed the first annual VJS Walk, "I Walk For You." The walk is in honor of my mother who has been diagnosed with lung cancer. I feel helpless against the disease but I have decided to put my walking shoes on and take a stand, or walk, against cancer. This walk is also in honor of those family members and friends who are, have, or will be diagnosed with cancer.

     The first annual VJS walk will be September 18th, 2010 and will begin at the Rolla City Limits and continue to the Salem City limits sign. We will be starting the walk at 7am continuing until the walk is completed. We will have two cars chaperoning us throughout the event, and we would like to ask you to be extra careful that day, and be aware that our team will be walking. We are taking pledges for the walk and the proceeds will go to the "Our Family" Relay for Life Team 2011 fundraising efforts.

     If you would like to make a pledge contact me, Relay Rethy, at 573-453-8570 or contact via email at: We hope you will help us in our fund raising efforts and help us in the fight against cancer. ~ Relay Rethy

Don't Forget RADA!

      Don't forget! We are still selling Rada cutlery and we are having rave reviews! If you would like to purchase your RADA knives and cutlery you can go online at where you can view the different items in the RADA catalog and after purchasing your RADA item, it will be delivered straight to your home without any middle man! Isn't that great? To do so you will need our group number which is: 502633 and our password is: kids. You will not be sorry that you purchased from RADA cutlery. Also don't forget, these are 100% AMERICAN MADE! So purchase your RADA knives today and help us take a slice out of cancer. ~ Relay Rethy

How Does Cancer Form?

     Cancer can occur to anybody, anywhere, at anytime. Cancer doesn't care who you are, nor does it care what you are doing with your life or what you have planned. Cancer doesn't care how old you are; it can occur at any stage in life. Yes, cancer is a poignant disease that seeks to selfishly destroy.

     One may wonder how this awful invader may enter into your personal space known as your body. The body is a cellular organism made up of multiples and multiples of cells. Some cells, such as blood cells, regenerate themselves and have an actual life span, where as other cells, such as the muscle cells, do not and last through out a life time to serve the purpose of motion. These are just two examples of cells that form in the body. The cells that do have a life span, will rejuvenate themselves by individually bearing two daughter cells which then further subdivide and develop with each of those daughter cells bearing their own daughter cells. This cycle continues keeping the body rejuvenated.

     When cancer forms, it forms from either a mutated cell or from cells that don't readily die off. These cells either have a rapid growth spurt of production or they will form by attaching themselves to healthy cells where a tumor forms by further regeneration of daughter cells which also will be attached to the healthy cell. Thus, creating a road block to the healthy cycle, detouring the cells into the abnormal growth.

     The immune system will try to fight off any pathogen, or "foreign being" found in the body, but when a sudden burst of cells develop adaption can occur. When this happens the body does not recognize the growth and therefore does not fight it off. A more simpler explanation might be that the body has fighter cells, the white blood cells, that go after the enemy, in this case the abnormal formation of a cluster of cells. They war against them to defeat them and regain their territory in the body. When the enemy cell disguises itself, the fighter cells do not recognize them, therefore since the enemy cells are in hiding, so to speak, the fighter cells can not fight against their enemy to be able to defeat them. Thus the enemy cells set up a camp in the body known as a "tumor." The tumor continues to grow as more enlisted men (cells) are generated.

     Researchers are now trying to develop a vaccine to eliminate certain cancers. A vaccine is made up of small amount of the pathogen that the body will want to fight off if it were to develop in the body. When introduced into the body, the vaccine gives the fighter cells a picture of the pathogen "to study" in case of future attacks by this enemy. Thus, this "profile picture" of the pathogen gives the fighter cells time to know its enemy and allow them time to prepare in case of invasion of the enemy cell. The fighter cells would then be properly prepared to fight off the enemy when it first shows up eliminating its invasion. Vaccines take approximately two days to two weeks to be effective.

     With time maybe research will be able to develop such a vaccine and with our donations we individually can say, "And I helped!" ~ Relay Rethy

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I am Having a Love Hate Relationship Right Now

     I love my mom so much, as do I my cousin Beth. Both have been diagnosed with cancer this summer. I hate cancer! It is devouring my friends and family. A dear friend of ours died today. Michelle Hill had been in a long battle with cancer and has finally succumbed to the disease. I love my family and I hate cancer, thus forms a love/hate relationship.

     I feel like I am helpless. I want to do something to help them but I feel powerless. I know that prayers give me power, for GOD listens to me. He's my FATHER and he understands losing someone you love. After all CHRIST died for our sins and that was the ultimate sacrifice for all of us.

     I will continue to pray and I will walk. My feet will walk for those who are weak. My feet will walk for those who can't walk anymore. I will walk to honor those fighting cancer and I will walk to remember those who fought cancer and lost the battle. I will walk to raise money to find a cure of this horrible, deadly disease. I will walk until I can walk no more. For my feet will stand in for all those who can not.

     I am a 13 year cancer survivor, and I will not let cancer dictate our lives anymore. Thank you GOD for giving me feet that I may stand in for others.

Until next time,
Relay Rethy