Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I am Having a Love Hate Relationship Right Now

     I love my mom so much, as do I my cousin Beth. Both have been diagnosed with cancer this summer. I hate cancer! It is devouring my friends and family. A dear friend of ours died today. Michelle Hill had been in a long battle with cancer and has finally succumbed to the disease. I love my family and I hate cancer, thus forms a love/hate relationship.

     I feel like I am helpless. I want to do something to help them but I feel powerless. I know that prayers give me power, for GOD listens to me. He's my FATHER and he understands losing someone you love. After all CHRIST died for our sins and that was the ultimate sacrifice for all of us.

     I will continue to pray and I will walk. My feet will walk for those who are weak. My feet will walk for those who can't walk anymore. I will walk to honor those fighting cancer and I will walk to remember those who fought cancer and lost the battle. I will walk to raise money to find a cure of this horrible, deadly disease. I will walk until I can walk no more. For my feet will stand in for all those who can not.

     I am a 13 year cancer survivor, and I will not let cancer dictate our lives anymore. Thank you GOD for giving me feet that I may stand in for others.

Until next time,
Relay Rethy