Thursday, September 2, 2010



Sunshine and “wild flyers” and running through the field;

Splashing and swimming in the creek ‘til we were chilled.

Singing and laughing and sharing secrets of our hearts;

Barbies and bicycles and going to the park.

Butterflies and lightening bugs and bumble bees;

Splinters and bruises and then skinned knees.

Best friends and cousins though sometimes we fought;

Making up and vowing never to part.

Health and sickness and then came death;

This is what separated me from my cousin Beth.

I still have memories and more memories still;

These memories are helping my heart to heal.

Beth, I’m fighting hard against this deadly disease called


That someday soon we will find the answer.

I miss you Bethy,

Love Rethy

In loving memory of my cousin Beth Payne-Karr

Succumbed to cancer


-Elisa Coffman 2002


  1. I like your poem, Lis, and the picture is perfect. Love, Glo

  2. Thanks Glo! when we were little,Beth use to call wild flowers, "Wild flyers." It was so cute!